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Let's prepare your business for hurricane season!

Hurricane season has arrived in the Caribbean! For small and medium businesses this could mean danger.  It could take weeks, months, or even years for an organization to recover from a natural disaster. 
To prepare your enterprise, you need a plan for operations, technology, and employees. 

Have a disaster recovery plan prepared

Having one can help you identify hazards, do practice tests to solve any issues, and determine what data or software you would like to recover in minutes.

Notify employees and vender

Establish emergency communication before any storm arrives. Pick out alternative employees to carry out tasks if the staff leaders are out of reach.

Monitor during storm

Monitor any active equipment that must be left turn on. Once the affected area is clear, visit the site and verify every piece of equipment.

Start early!

Every business owner should ensure continuity and productivity. These are the essential service we provide for a company in preparation.

Microsoft Azure


Virtual Phones

We can help you prepare

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