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Digital Network Cables

About Us

Xynergie Corp. is a local company providing information technology services to international organizations. Together with a specialized team with more than 30 years of experience, we provide exceptional services, such as cyber security, consulting, infrastructure management and technical support.

Our objective is to implement and manage advanced systems, preparing highly competitive businesses. Ensuring fewer interruptions in productivity. 


Our mission is to ensure customer success by providing a full range of leading technology solutions at the highest quality standards with our committed professional support staff. We want to grow with our customers into new markets and new industries by using the latest technology at a reasonable cost.

Powerful Computer


Our vision is to provide businesses with multicultural and dynamic communications staff. Ensuring the company's data remains safe, taking information technology out of your hands, and making sure that the enterprise stays at the forefront of current technologies. We will accomplish this by providing a knowledgeable, inspiring environment for our customers and our staff since family is the foundation of our company's culture.


Xynergie delivers digital solutions that help organizations increase productivity, secure their data, and solve business challenges.


Healthcare Companies


Education Institutions


Insurance Companies


Private Businesses


US Government Providers

Our Team

Jose Rivera, Chief Executive Officer
Jose Rivera
Chief Executive Officer
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Angel Tolentino, Chief Information Offic
Angel Tolentino
Chief Information Officer
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Miguel Vega, MBA, MCP, RP’S
Miguel Vega
MBA, MCP, RP IT Consultant; IT Governance and Compliance System Specialist & CMMC-AB Registered Practitioner
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Jose Rivera Collazo, Account Executive
Jose Rivera Collazo
Account Executive
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