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Is your business in danger of a data breach?

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Securing and preventing revenue loss in businesses is our thing. Cybercrime is an activity done by hackers that want to make money. This crime was responsible for an economic loss of as much as 600 billion worldwide in 2017 (Center for Strategic and International Studies).

A company without a cybersecurity plan is defenseless and an easy target. Has a business owner, you must protect sensitive data, personal, clientele, industries, or governmental information.

Since the global pandemic, cybersecurity risks increase because of the connectivity and usage of cloud services. Why is this important? The DoD recognizes the threat to the American economy, especially the attacks aiming at the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) and the DoD supply chain.

Are you at risk of a data breach? Download the Cyber Readiness Checklist to find out.

If you do not check off every box on the list, you at risk of an attack. Book an appointment today!

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