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Cloud Backup

Special Offer

Hurricane Season Has Not Ended

Daily backups not only keep your data secure, they give you one less thing to worry about when the unlikely event of a natural disaster, random electric outages, and unexpected flash floods occur. 
  • Xynergie's MSPs streamline backup processes for you, so your staff doesn’t have to spend hours on this task. Techs could rather focus on customer service or innovation.
  • Receive the highest levels of Xynergie's monitoring supporting services.
  • Reduce chances of losing important files in a unforeseen event.
  • Outsmart ransomware with direct-to-cloud backups
  • Back up more frequently and archive data longer

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Free Installation Included



per month/ billed annually

Per server

Includes 1 TB cloud backup


billed monthly

Per server

Includes 1 TB cloud backup

*Does not include appliances for local backup
*For PC please contact us for 

What We Offer

We take care of backing up your data, so you can focus on your business priorities!

Automated Backup

Configure your systems to automatically backup your data on the daily. What does this mean? You don't have to go through the long process of transferring every file onto your backup system anymore, we got your back!


Easy Recovery

No more starting from scratch and trying to find valuable client information you may have lost. If you can't find employee documents, confidential information, important research, fear no more, we got you covered... and fast! 

Remove the Tedious Task

Don't worry about doing the time consuming process of backing up your data, leave it at our hands.

Data Versioning

Online backups save multiple versions of your data, meaning that if any previous versions of data need to be retrieved because it was deleted, you will still be able to access the older versions. Basically, you won't lose your data in the cloud, thanks to data versioning.

Accesible Data

The best part is, in case a natural disaster occurs, you can access your data from anywhere. There is no need to carry out essential business documents, heavy hard drives, or easy to lose flash drives. Anything you need is just a click away!

Emergency Plan 

The service has disaster recovery capabilities, allowing your company to continue during unforeseen disasters.

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