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How does ransomware get into an organization?

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Small, medium and large companies can be victims of a cyber attack. A SOPHOS report revealed that the size of an organization is not a significant factor for a criminal (hacker).

The effects of a cyber attack on companies are devastating. Cybercriminals demand outrageously high demands for money, cause organization downtime, reputation damage due to loss of sensitive information, and confidential data is auctioned on the Dark Web.

How does ransomware get into an organization? Unfortunately, most ransomware make their way in by accessing files that are downloaded and / or sent to users of an organization. Also, emails - known as spam - are a danger to any organization, because they can contain malicious links that can infect computers in a blink of a second. Many spam emails will ask you to take immediate action and your duty as a user should be not to act and report it.

There are several practices that we can implement in the business to prevent an attack. One of them is your employees; educating your administrative community to be aware of the details of an email such as: who sent it? Is the name and email address well written? Another way is to limit access to administrative accounts and frequently change your passwords to more complex ones.

If you recognize strange behavior, report it to the IT department. Xynergie has the security solution for your business. Request a demo today!

Reporte SOPHOS "Firewall Best Practices to block ransomware" Inglés
Download • 165KB

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